Artist: Fritz Haeg

Fritz Haeg, ANIMAL ESTATE regional model homes 1.0: NEW YORK CITY, The Whitney Museum of American Art, 2008

Fritz Haegs (USA 1969) works in his studio, in Sundown Schoolhouse, on the GardenLab ecological projects (including Edible Estates, food growing projects) and in the areas of construction, exhibitions, dance, (garden) design, organisation, lectures, teaching and writing. Since 2001 he has been based is a glass geodesic dome in the Los Angeles hills.

Haeg applies his experience as an architect to a wide range of art projects and in his work as a curator. His activities include designing houses, supervising a ‘travelling’ training centre, grassroots political activities and ‘guerrilla’ gardening, making it very difficult to pigeonhole him. He prefers to work on multidisciplinary projects that contribute to social developments and good causes or create role models. Haeg sees the output as that of the collective and regards the outcomes as the organic results of the collective rather than the results of his instructions.

Haegs lack of interest in materialism and consumer goods is redolent of Buckminster Fuller’s practical approach to architecture. Haeg’s projects can therefore also be seen as a continuation of Ant Farm, the modern home as a flexible basis for a harmonious life, according to the architect R.M. Schindler.

Project: Fritz Haeg, 'Animal Estates'