Artist: Tomas Saraceno

Tomas Saraceno, Air-Port-City

Tomas Saraceno (Argentina 1973) is a visionary artist who builds bridges between art and innovative science. He is internationally renowned for his architectural designs, which incorporate a wide palette of specialised techniques and propose alternative ecological living environments, wherein Utopian ideas are often not as important as the pragmatic application of technology. His boundless curiosity for physics, chemistry and high-tech architecture is a strong foundation in realising his works.

Much of his output is aimed at inventing a living environment with new socio-cultural platforms for the society and the environment. Saraceno sees exhibition spaces as a biosphere, where works are sometime linked by a network of cords and rope to reveal what the world would look like if he designed it.

Much like the architects and theoreticians R. Buckminster Fuller, Peter Cook, Yona Friedman and others, Saraceno also sees scientific principles and technological advances as wellsprings of ideas that have to produce a sustainable society and new social models.

Project: Tomas Saraceno, Solar Bell