Image Project: Erik Wesselo, 'SAND'

Erik Wesselo, SAND, 2011, © Erik Wesselo

Erik Wesselo's project, ZAND, made in response to the creation of Maasvlakte 2, was hosted by the Nederlands Fotomuseum.

For this project, Wesselo travelled to Rameshwaram (South India), Saemangeum (South Korea) and Palm Jumeirah (Dubai), where he filmed (16 mm) and took Polaroid pictures documenting large land reclamation projects. He combined these pictures with the images he made of Maasvlakte 2.

Erik Wesselo (‘s-Hertogenbosch,1964) is a conceptual artist who works with still photography, film, video and drawings. Wesselo, known for his film projects Backward, Düffels Möll and Burning Up, collected film and photo material capturing the reclamation and disappearance of land from various locations around the world for this project. The settings are culturally and geographically diverse, as are the reasons the land is being reclaimed or is slowly disappearing. Wesselo took this background and produced a surprisingly poetic exhibition, in which he explores the relationship between man and landscape. The images themselves are often difficult to place. Sometimes you have an idea of the context, but often the images are timeless, landscapes that change slowly, subject to natural processes or human activities.