Project: Fritz Haeg, 'Animal Estates'

Fritz Haeg, Animal Estates

American artist Fritz Haeg is captivated by the behaviour of animals in urban and industrial environments. This summer, he will put on an exhibition and make an alternative tourist route on Maasvlakte 2 centring on animals in the port, from ugly insects and toads to graceful birds and seals. In Animal Estates, Haeg highlights indigenous animals in areas dominated by people. The project consists of a 19-kilometre-long cycle route, which is lined with information boards and accompanied by a map and a video. Each information board provides information about a different animal and the often complex relationship between the animal and the industrial environment of the port. The animals highlighted include Giant Earwigs, Natterjack Toads in the ponds created for them, the small terns that nest in the grass and the grey seals on the protected beach. Not only these, also pigeons, rabbits and falcons living in the area will be part of the presentation.

The information boards, maps and videos can be seen from 29 June to 10 October in an exhibition that Fritz Haeg is presenting in a container especially converted for the purpose. The container is located at the FutureLand information centre, where you can also pick up the map with more information. The route and information boards will remain in place after the exhibition ends on 10 October.



Artist: Fritz Haeg